What to Do if the Airlines Damage Your Scooter or Carrying Case During Travel?

Don’t you love that your i3 companion can go with you anywhere in the world? We love to find out that our friends who purchase an i3 travel scooter were zipping around the cobblestones of Italy or riding with their friends on a cruise ship in their iTravel Generation. Its foldable design and portability truly gives you the freedom to go anywhere!

However, we know how frustrating it must be to find your scooter, carrying case or accessories with damages from your flight. Rest assured that on domestic flights, U.S. carriers must fully compensate passengers for loss or damage to wheelchairs or other assistive devices, without regard to rules limiting liability for lost or damaged baggage. On International flights, the Montreal convention provisions control payments for items including assistive devices. If you believe your rights have been violated or there are unresolved issues, you can ask to speak with a Complaints Rsolution Official (CRO). A CRO is the airline’s expert on disability accommodation issues which the airlines are required to make available to you, at no cost, in person at the airport or by telephone during the times they are operating.

Here are some tips on what to do in these cases:

Immediately contact the airlines - send them pictures of the damages to your scooter, case, or accessories. It is extremely important that you check your scooter thoroughly after a flight because there may be scratches, dents, or other damages you may not notice until you use your scooter again at a later time. However, some airlines will only reimburse damages if you report it within a certain timeline.

Each airline will have their own policies for damages, but generally, a third party agency will contact you about the damages once you submit a claim. When this happens, you should provide documentation such as pictures to show these damages. There may be other damages to the motor or wires that you cannot see, so it is always a good idea to request that an iLiving Service Technician come out to assess the damages. If you live in a remote area and your scooter is not working, we can arrange to have your scooter shipped to us for assessment.

Assessment of Damages - the third party agency will then contact iLiving to get an assessment of the damages. Once we fully assess the damages, we will generate an assessment report with all the damages and amount for those damages.  This will enable us to know if your scooter can be repaired or if you will need to get a new scooter.

Remember you can always call us anytime for information on traveling with your scooter 385-315-3313. or if you have any questions about damages.

And as always, we’d love to see your pictures of your adventures. Please keep sending them to us at info@ilivingtravelscooters.com.

We appreciate your business and continued support.

Happy Travels!

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