Why get the i3 Foldable Travel Scooter?

Why get the i3 Foldable Travel Scooter?

With so many options on the market and so many features to consider, you may find yourself wondering what makes our scooter so different.  We get it, it’s not so easy to make a choice, so we’ve put together some quick facts about us that might help you make that decision much more easily.

When you think about your mobility scooter, what features are most important to you?  Do you want to travel to destinations with it?  Use it to see family or complete your errands?  How do you envision yourself using your very own scooter in your day-to-day life?  If you think like us, these questions mean a lot to you.  If you’re going to invest your time and money towards a scooter, it better be an answer to all of your questions, right?

This is why at iTravel Generation, we’ve made sure to pay attention to every little detail that makes our scooters top-notch.  Here’s just a few examples of issues you might encounter with a traditional Mobility scooter, and why our Travel scooter is the right solution for you.

Ease of Use - Many mobility scooters are hardly mobile.  Some weigh upwards of 100+ lbs, making it impossible for most people to transport themselves. This is the biggest challenge because those who are considering a scooter want more mobility and independence as opposed to less. At iTravel Generation, we’ve taken all these things into effect.  Our scooter weighs only 53 lbs, folds up quickly in 2 simple steps to store away in a car, at home, or on a plane.  We even made sure the battery compartment was very simple and easy to access without too much effort, able to store up to 2 batteries allowing you to go up to 28 miles per one charge, and changing the battery is as easy as flipping the switch.

Maneuverability - Another common problem we found in the market was that many scooters are either maneuverable but unstable, or else they’re stable but not maneuverable.  Sort of like Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  You don’t want to be stuck between those two options, which is why with our i3 Foldable Travel Scooter, we’ve found a great balance between the two.  Not only do we sport a sturdy 4 wheel design that keeps you stable, indoors and outdoors, but we’ve been able to reduce the turning radius to only 48”, making it much more maneuverable than many other four wheeled designs.

Features - How would you like to buy the Mercedes of Scooters, but without the bells and whistles that come with it? Yeah, we wouldn’t want that for you either. Unfortunately, many chairs on the market don’t offer much in terms of accessories or features. Fortunately, our i3 Travel Scooter not only has accessories ranging from Armrests to Extra Soft Deluxe Custom Chairs that keep you comfortable for even the longest rides to Extra Batteries that makes sure you’ll never get caught somewhere without a spare battery to get you home and Scooter Covers that ensure your scooter stays protected, but we also provided higher levels of technology as a standard feature, like anti-slip grip tape on the base, or headlights and taillights to keep the ground illuminated, and a phone charger to make sure you’re always reachable when you’re on the road. These are things that much of the competition seem to forget the importance of.  Don’t get caught with a scooter that won't satisfy your needs.

Payment - Almost all mobility scooters are high in price and hard to pay for at times. This is a huge problem to us!  There’s no reason you should have to wait until your budget let’s you purchase a decent scooter, or else settle for a cheaper, low-quality alternative.  We’ve ensured that nobody is left behind because we’re one of the few sellers that will do all we can to make sure this scooter won't break the bank.  We believe it's important to give our customers the freedom of mobility so call us to see if you can qualify for our 0% APR $0 Down financing for your iLiving travel scooter.  No more waiting and no more settling for cheap scooters that won't fit all your needs.  Call us so we can make it work for you!  We even offer free shipping to 48 of the States in the US!

There are many things that make our scooters unique, probably too much to put into one article, but don’t take our word for it!  Read customer reviews and see how other people are enjoying their i3 Travel Scooters.  When you’re satisfied with the evidence we’ve given, check out our online store and secure your scooter today.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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