Multi-Use Basket
Multi-Use Basket

Multi-Use Basket

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This versatile basket can be used on the front, the back, on the footbed, as well as easy to snap off to take anywhere. Inside there is ample room to store batteries, adapters, chargers by using the customizable velcro holders. Other functions includes a phone protector, two drink holders, front zip area, reflector across the front for your safety and an adjustable strap.

Our basket comes with a metal holder that allows you to use this on the front of the scooter just like a basket.

Metal holder installation directions: hold the metal holder by the loop in the middle so that the two ends are facing you. Stand directly in front of the scooter and hook the loop onto the front steering column with the two ends going over the top of the handle bars. Click into place and attach the basket through two holes in the back. To take off, simply pull off gently. 

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